Sunday, 26 July 2009

Mum and Dad's back garden

Here's a few shots of my parent's back garden. It was always a nice-looking garden, even when we, as kids, once dug up the back lawn and turned it into a 'golf course'. Actually, it was mum who did it, probably to get some peace and quiet. Dad wasn't too happy that night when he returned from work.

The garden has gone through many transformations over the years and these photographs represent its current state, although that big, round conifer is not there anymore, it had to be cut down.

The garden used to be mainly lawn with paving slabs lining the sides, top and bottom. Before that, I remember an apple and a pear tree in the centre of the lawn; in those days it was very shady. Both trees had to come down and I remember the months leading up to their demise when Dad painted their trunks with a black, gooey mixture of some kind. Then there were two tree stumps standing about 2ft high and surrounded by concrete until such time as the stumps and the concrete were dug up and covered with grass.

Mum and Dad have always been keen gardeners. They love it and that's why the garden is always so pleasant – no weeds in those beds, I can assure you.

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