Thursday, 16 December 2010

Me and Martin 'Wolfie' Adams, the darts player...

Martin 'Wolfie' Adams and yours truly, Evesham, December 14th 2010.
Alright, I know, I'm a friend of the stars. Here I am in Evesham at a social club with darts legend, Martin 'Wolfie' Adams. I had a really tiring day as I journeyed down to Evesham by train, getting in at around 7.15pm, then I hiked over to the club, interviewed Wolfie and a few others, got back to the hotel, checked in around 10.30pm, had dinner (it was a great hotel, the Riverside, Evesham, right on the Avon and great staff, clean rooms etc) and then, up to the room to start writing the feature. Finished it at 0130hrs, emailed it to David, the designer, then went to bed. Got up at 0630, had a Full English at 0700hrs, went back to the room, wrote the products pages (this is Club Mirror magazine, by the way) then jumped in a cab to Evesham station, discovered that a bridge had collapsed so spent £40 on a taxi to Warwick Parkway and then over £30 on a ticket to Marylebone. Got home, had a Marmite sarnie, drove over to David's, passed the issue and got back home again at 6pm. Then, at 10.30pm went out to pick up Max from Gipsy Hill, not a very salubrious place to be on foot at night. Got to bed around 11.30pm.

The great thing about Martin Adams was that he, like me, was born and bred in Sutton, Surrey. We had a good old chinwag about Sutton pubs, what a great bloke!

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